April 6 Statement on Tahrir Square attacks of June 28th


As a result of what happened these past few hours in Tahrir square of inexplicable police attacks on fragile basis (that these actions were targeting bullies round the Ministry of Interior building), such attacks that included bombarding people in Tahrir with smoke and rubber bombs as well as a huge mobilization of riot police in the square, April 6 announces the following:


April 6 urges police forces to retreat at once from the square, completely evacuate it, and seize all assaults that have been taking place these past few hours against demonstrators.


April 6 implores all the Egyptian people of all currents and ideologies to head at once to Tahrir square to sit-in and provide support.


April 6 announces that the demonstrations that have been called for by the movement on July 8th will start from tonight – Al Israa and Miraj Night (The anniversary of the Night Journey of Prophet Muhammad) – in Tahrir square starting from today’s dawn prayers to an open sit-in until our demands are being fulfilled, such demands that are broadly agreed upon, which are:

1- Bringing Mubarak, his family, and all the previous regime to justice as promptly as possible, investigations and trials must not be secret, rather public and officially available for media coverage.

2- Bringing corrupt police officers and revolutionists’ assassinates to justice and convicting them for their unerring crimes as promptly as possible, as well as purging the Ministry of Interior from corruption.

3- Final rescission of bringing civilians to military trials.

4- Reviewing all laws and decisions that have been made without holding a social or media poll beforehand.

5- Stop preventing media from free coverage and citizens from peaceful demonstrating at once.

6- Start a full purge of all ministries, establishments, and the remains of the previous regime that are barricading our aspired reforms.


April 6 urges all Egyptian mass media, governmental and private, to maintain honest and complete media coverage of what’s happening in Tahrir, no obscures or half facts. Do not repeat the shameful unprofessional and immoral media coverage which most of you have done on the 25th of January. We may forgive once, but we will never forgive twice if you lied or hid the truth once again.


April 6 implores Essam Sharaf’s government, which came from the heart of Tahrir, to run a full and firm investigation about tonight’s police attacks on citizens in Tahrir, otherwise it should resign at once with no delay.


April 6 WARNS, in the clearest words possible, of any official, non-official, plain or hidden manipulations to the internet, Facebook, Twitter, as well as cell phone networks. Remember that such manipulations have not succeeded the last time on January, on the contrary, it led to increasing the revolution’s strength and insistence even more.

“For when the revolution comes it becomes like a river, not a thousand lion can stop it from flowing and reaching its goals”

Be it known to the world that the revolution is still going on, and we will gain victory in God’s willing.

April 6 Youth

Youth who truly loves Egypt

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