civilain student is facing Court Marshal

civilain student is facing Court Marshal

State Security arrested the student, Ahmed Mustafa student in the Faculty of Engineering in the University of Kafr El-Sheikh because of writing a blog…..


Ahmed has been detained now for four days pending investigation.
And will be tried by the military court, although he’s an ordinary civilian and does not have any military status.
He was referred for trial before the military court in Cairo – on Sunday, 28/2/2010 with the following charges …..

1 – Abuse of the Egyptian armed forces.
2 – Working to undermine people’s confidence in the armed forces.
3 – Publication of false news.
And we will update you with latest news….

Ahmed Abdel Fattah Mustafa student in the faculty of Engineering in Kafr El Sheikh University and a member in the 6th of April Youth Movement in Kafr El-Sheikh has been put in jail now for 4 days and will be forwarded to the military court because of this blog he published, revealing in it violations of the army ,and they forced him to delete it but a lawyer called his family telling them that Ahmed was detained four days.
But there are news that a military police car came to his house and forced him to ride with them to go to Cairo for investigations with one of the military officers, but was converted to a military prosecution and remained for four days pending investigation.

The last comment on his blog was from an anonymous person
telling him that he knows nothing about the army and the military
college and threatening him that he will be punished for what he wrote
within two days…

We appeal to all human rights organizations and activists to help us in Ahmed Mostafa’s case and show solidarity by any means…