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Adel: Arab foreign ministers must do real action for syria and get Al-Assad down


‎Mohammed Adel, one of the leaders of the 6th of April Youth Movement, has asked Arab foreign ministers gathered in Cairo to work on a critical decision on the continuation of Bashar Al-Assad regime and in power in Syria, its criminal acts …
there, which led to the killing and displacement of a large number of Syrian people due to extensive killings carried out by Al-Assad forces.

Adel said in a statement, that the Syrian people must feel Arabian and regional movements on the ground to stop the bleeding, not just medical and food aid and diplomatic attitude do not even protect Syrian kids.

And especially that the observers missions and the initiative of Kofi Annan and the later one by Lakhdar Brahimi as two Arab and international delegates, did not work, did not stop the systematic killing machine.

This comes at a time when the United Nations said that about 1.2 million people have been emigrated from Syria during the conflict, in addition to 230 thousand refugees fled to the four neighboring countries.