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April 6 movement : our member Face slow death in El- Minya prison


The April 6 youth movement stated that the health condition of its member Ahmed Shawqi in “Leman El- Minya” prison was very threatened because of the obstruction of the prison administration ,they refused to transfer Ahmed to the hospital to receives the necessary treatment, Ahmed had the stomach ulcer inside the prison and the Prison officials refuse to provide specialized doctors to treat Ahmed’s health case.

The movement said that the prison officer of “Leman El- Minya” refuses to transfer colleague Ahmed Shawki to El-Minya Central Hospital for a cure from the stomach ulcer that he infected due to the bad conditions inside the prison.

The movement said that the prison hospital didn’t have the Special abilities needed to deal with the health condition of the colleague, and didn’t even provide medicines for the treatment of his case. Despite the provision of all types of drugs for the condition by the family of Ahmed Shawki like (Lantanon – Zantac – Healsic – perloc- Controloc) The situation is still deteriorating, because of continuity of the prison administration by providing a doctor specialized in “women and obstetrician” to observe the case of colleague Ahmed Shawki, and their struggling to provide a specialist doctor for Ahmed.

The health situation of colleague Ahmed Shawki is still in danger, with the pain of his illness , and Hematemesis, as well as He lost his weight and became 51 kilos due to his deteriorated health situation and inability to eat any food.

Despite getting the approval of the Prisons Service and the State Security and the intervention of doctors by the National Council for Human Rights, the prison administration is still refuse to transfer him to a specialized hospital in El-Minya, which consider as a slow attempt to kill the colleague and endanger his life.