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April 6 Movement Presents A Draft For Discussion To legalize Political Movements..


April 6 Youth Movement has announced that it has put forward a draft for discussion to legalize the status of political movements aimed to work within the framework of assistance to increase awareness and political practice,and this project will be passed to the Ministry and the Military Council in the following days.

The movement said that Egyptian law does not contain any provisions that could be considered a legal framework for the political movements that already exist, therefore the movement seeks that all political movements be legalized so they could be able to function legally in the public arena, and that they must have official offices and headquarters as a part of the Egyptian civil society.

The movement said that the political movements in America, such as the movement of “MOVE ON” which is one of the movements that has funded Obama’s presidential campaign with $ 300 million through popular donations, also “MOVE ON” is officially registered in the US as a civil organization even though it is mainly an electronic movement.

April 6 Movement also said in its draft that political movements have a constructive and leading role in pushing for the rights of many citizens from different classes in Egypt, as well as its role in educating citizens of their rights.

And the movement has put in its draft several important points that can represent the core of the law of those movements, which include:

1. Legal entity entitled to all rights set forth in all laws as a legal representative personality.
2. Have goals for which it was established and is enabled to work in the Egyptian political arena in order to achieve these goals.
3. Have the right to collect donations from the Egyptians to spend on the various campaigns in the framework of its goals.
4. Have a legal financial entity monitored by the Central Accounting Agency and is allowed to open bank accounts in its name and collect donations in it.
5. Plays its role in the revival and enrichment of the political arena and attract new groups interested in public affairs of the country.
6. Not be based on any racial or religious distinction.
7. Entitled to organize campaigns in the whole country for specific issues.
8. Contribute to the preparation of laws and national projects, whether political or economic, based on its beliefs and goals.
9. May become organizations to help some political parties (such as Liberal Youth Union, Progressive Youth Union, or Nasry Thinking Club) so those unions can become legal in some way due to their political significance as the second line within their political parties.
10. Get established via notification and operate by establishing their basic structure and in accordance with the objectives that have emerged for
11. Can be a studies Center of any of the political parties, in order to put forward projects for the advancement of political ideas and ideologies, meaning that it may become in full meaning the “Think Tanks” of Egypt.
12. Be able fund projects and political awareness campaigns for other civil society organizations, whether in Egypt or outside Egypt, in order to achieve its goals, which was established for.
13. To be Funded by the Egyptian government in the form of grants to some of the activities of these organizations without discrimination in the context of its role in achieving some of the goals which these organizations were established for and these grants get monitored the Central Accounting Agency.
14. These organizations must contribute in raising the level of political awareness in the country.

April 6 Youth Movement has put forward that Draft for public discussion so that it can be debated and discussed before being submitted to the Ministry Council and the High Military Council.

April 6 Youth movement
Egyptian Resistance Movement