A Peaceful Resistance to Freedom and Democracy

April 6 Statement Concerning the Horrific Sectarian Events at Imbaba


We have followed the horrendous events that took place in Imbaba between armed thugs and fundamentalists with deep sorrow and pain. This atrocity took the lives of 12 Egyptians, burnt a place of worship, and left more than 240 people injured.

In this context we would like to extend our deepest and most sincere condolences to the families of the victims and martyrs. Moreover, we strongly denounce these ferocious attempts to drag our country to the abyss of sectarian tribulations.

Moreover, it is not coincidental that this takes place concurrently with the first ruling against a member of the Mubarak regime who was corrupt and a killer. Further, in the same week that Medical Examiner, Al-Sibaee is dismissed from his position, and the issuance of an approval to transfer Mubarak shortly to Turah Prison. Finally, this atrocity took place on the same day of the first Egyptian conference for the national council.

It goes without saying that these events may have been the product of some harboured grudges created by the tyrannical regime of Mubarak and his state security. However, this does not exonerate the enemies of Egypt who wish desperately to avoid being condemned for the carnages they have committed. For, there is indisputable evidence to the involvement of the anti-revolutionists who do not want to follow their masters to prison.

Consequently, in order to overcome this tragic ordeal we must emphasize the following:

1. Safeguarding the principle that the laws of the land should be enforced without prejudice or bias.

2. Quick investigations and swift justice regarding all the traitors who want to do away with our country. Subsequently, we not only call for an investigation into these events, but also into the burning down of Soul church, the calamity of Moqatam, and the violence preceding the soccer match between Zamalek Team and Tunisia Team. With astonishment, we ask where the results of the investigations pertaining to the previous events are, and where have they been published, and who are the perpetrators.

3. Speedy trial of the corrupt members of the Mubarak regime, while subjecting them to air-tight security to prevent them from contacting their accomplices on the outside.

4. Ministry of interior leaders must assume their intrinsic duty in national security, as opposed to the inaction that we have seen and their inexcusable failure to protect us. In addition, all weapons are to be banned and to show no mercy to those who would carry arms without a license. Do they not find it disgraceful that the peaceful protestors are easily arrested in Kafr El-Sheikh, while the thugs are left to roam the streets of cairo freely at Maspiro, Abd El-Aziz Street, and Imbaba. Finally, we vow to prosecute any inaction within the ministry of interior and will pursue him until he is dismissed.

5. Reassurance that the anti-revolution will not deter us from moving forward with the convicting of all the killers and corrupt members of the regime, including Mubarak. Additionally, we will punish anyone who broke the law or killed our martyrs, and will insist on banning the dissolved NDP from any political role. We intend to build a civil and democratic country based on justice, freedom, and equality among all citizens.

6. We implore all political forces to unite in order to protect the Egyptian revolution and defend our homeland from those who want it destroyed.

These are the foundations we need to overcome this ordeal immediately.

We know that the road is paved with many difficulties; the corrupted are incorrigible, and since they have killed more than 800 martyrs, they would not hesitate to kill more.

However, all this will not dissuade our people. We vow by Allah the great, that this nation will remain strong, united, faithful and patriotic, as we stood at Tahrir square, Muslims and Christians, protecting one another. This strong and magnificent nation leads us all, and so the love of this country runs through our veins and drives us to come to its rescue in this difficult time.

We promise to always be at the beck and call of our nation, we believe in the grace of good, and finally we believe in this nation.

We shall prevail over them, and we shall rise above this ordeal.

Long live Egypt, safe, at peace, free and regal.

April 6 Youth Movement

Youth Who Loves Egypt