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April 6 Youth Assist in Solving Gas Cylinder Crisis in Menya


Governor of Menya, Samir Sallam has agreed to a proposal made by the April 6 youth aimed at solving the gas cylinder problem in Menya and has decided to formulate a tri-committee to implement it. This committee is said to include the April 6 members of Menya governorate who made the proposal, the directorate of provisions, and the planning directorate. Accordingly, the committee will implement the proposal immediately in conjunction with the head of the planning organization of Menya.

The proposal includes a suggestion that the governor should tally the number of gas cylinder suppliers, then each city would be divided into four districts (north, south, east, and west). For example, if there are 20 distributors, then for every district, 5 of these distributors would work exclusively in one area only and be given licensed documents that should be displayed on his cart so that no supplier would work in more than one district.

Furthermore, the governor must decree a law that gives the cylinders to licensed distributors only, and specifies the appropriate price that would be satisfactory to the distributor, while maintaining its affordability to the consumer. For this measure to be successful, the media must be involved by announcing the prices as well as the designated distributors for each area. Also, a hotline should be introduced so that any complaints or corruption allegations be dealt with swiftly. Moreover, the provisions directorate must send out its inspectors periodically in order to ensure the implementation of the strategy.

Additionally, Menya April 6 coordinator, Alaa Kabawy, pointed out that the aim of this initiative is to eliminate the black market, to ensure fair distribution, and to activate the role of provisions inspectors, which in turn would create jobs in areas which lack distributors. For the cylinder costs 4 pounds, so if the distributor sells it for 6 pounds then his profit would exceed 800 pounds monthly. Finally this proposal would help maintain the safety and security of the people, who often risk their lives to buy a gas cylinder due to the violence associated with it being seemingly scarce. This would also reinforce the state role in supporting the people, while stopping others from abusing places of worship that were used to distribute the gas cylinders. For places of worship are sacred and holly, and should never be misused.