A Peaceful Resistance to Freedom and Democracy

April 6 Youth Commence Awareness Raising Campaign in Alexandria about Parliamentary Elections


The weekly campaign initiated by Alexandrian April 6 youth entitled “know”, has continued in its third week of raising political awareness. Notably, the April 6 youth in Dekheila and Agamy roamed the streets of Al-Beetash, and Hanoveel with the purpose of educating the people politically.

Consequently, people from all walks of life asked many question, which the activists answered enthusiastically. Most inquiries were about the upcoming parliamentary elections and the corrupt members of the previous parliament.

Further, Zeinah Al-Masry, who is responsible for public work in the district of Dekheilah stated that the flyer for this week discusses the corrupt parliament members. Subsequently, corruption affected the everyday Egyptian since there was a monopoly on the entire economic sector. Especially, since the NDP members occupied most of the parliament seats.

Finally, Eslam Al-Hadary, Alexandria movement coordinator reiterated that the campaign will continue on a weekly basis throughout Alexandria. Ultimately, the goal from this campaign is to help the people choose the suitable members of parliament as well as the next president.