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April 6 Youth Conference : “Youth, From Revolution to Rise of Egypt


In collaboration with the Cairo Center for the Culture of Democracy, April 6 Movement is organizing a conference entitled “Youth: From Revolution to Rise of Egypt”, the conference will be held from July 11th to July 12th in Pyramisa Hotel at Dokki.

The conference will practice how to promote the economy, education and health services, without neglecting the role of media and security, the assistant arms of development.

The conference will comprise several expert Egyptians and Europeans and will discuss the development of Turkey, Malaysia, and South Korea in the economic sphere in an attempt to reach realistic solutions for the challenges facing Egypt. The conference will also discuss the ideal ways that would bring foreign investments to Egypt once again, through systematic studies and not by soliciting grants like it used to be.

We strongly believe that the advancement of Egypt will never be achieved through speeches, but through hard work and devotion to our country, hence we invite you to attend the Conference of April 6 Movement – “Youth: From the Revolution to Renaissance of Egypt” and help us build our country.

April 6 Youth
Egyptian Resistance Movement
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