A Peaceful Resistance to Freedom and Democracy

April 6 Youth Participates in Third Palestinian Uprising


We shall return. That is the slogan of Palestinians and Arabs all over the world.

We shall return. That is the slogan of the third Palestinian uprising, which is expected to encompass everyone who loves Palestine all over the world and not just the Arab world.

We shall return to Palestine. That is the call of the April 6 youth to all Egyptians and Arabs, as it announces its participation in the events leading up to the Intifada starting 13/5/2011.

For, when we are beckoned to free Al-Aqsa mosque and Al-Qeyamah church, we must act on it. We are a beacon of freedom to all Arab countries suffering from occupation or from a dictatorship that is a slave to the west.

Subsequently, on the anniversary of the declaration of the state of Israel on Palestinian land, the Egyptians and Arabs everywhere started mobilizing in order to engage in an “anger” march to Palestine to head its call.

It will be peaceful in the face of the Zionist oppression, and will be popular in that it will encompass the entire Arab people rather than the governments that are busy oppressing the protestors’ call for freedom.

We declare the following to be the hopes of Egyptians and April 6 youth members from the third Palestinian uprising:

1. All Palestinians, whether displaced or refugees have a right to return to Palestine.

2. Opening Rafah crossing permanently to all persons and goods.

3. Desisting from exporting Egyptian natural gas to the Zionist state, regardless of the price, for if anyone deserves our help it should be the Gaza strip and not the Zionist entity.

4. Palestinian right to enter Egypt without visa.

5. Establishing a free zone between Gaza and Rafah in order to boost economic relations and to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza.

6. Free all Palestinian detainees from Egyptian prisons.
The itinerary will be as follows:
Starting Friday, May 13th, we will commence by “Fajr” prayer in all mosques. This will be followed by protests in Tahrir square and around the Zionist embassy, in support of the Palestinian uprising.

Saturday, May 14th 2011: Assembly at Tahrir square promptly at 9:00 a.m.
*Buses will depart for Rafah crossing at precisely 12:00 p.m.
*Buses will stop at Suez to be joined by buses coming in from other governorates
*Sit in around Rafah crossing and Karam Abou-Salem crossing to clear the way to an open sit in.

As the march commences all the way till the end, there will be a sit in concurrently in front of the house of the Zionist ambassador in Maadi/Cairo, around the Zionist embassy in Giza, and at the Zionist consulate in Alexandria