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April 6 Youth: Rafah attack is a terrorist operation and all apparatus shall bear responsibility


The April 6 Youth Movement condemned the armed assault on a number of military posts in the Egyptian Rafah, calling it a criminal terrorist act that left at least 15 Egyptian officers and soldiers dead during iftar.

Inge Hamdi, a member of the Political Bureau of April 6, said that all apparatus responsible for securing the border shall bear full responsibility, and shall work to stop such operations.

She demanded President Mohammed Morsi and the Prime Minister Hisham Kandil to take all deterrent military and security actions and measures for the arrest of the perpetrators of the criminal operation, and retribution for the blood of our martyrs, no matter who stands behind this operation.

She also demanded the Military Council to assume responsibility and play its role in protecting the borders of the homeland and not to be preoccupied with the power struggle.

She criticized Ministry of Defence and Military Intelligence for the lack of information and clear explanations regarding the situation at the eastern border.

Meanwhile, the April 6 Youth Movement offer condolences to the Egyptian people and the families of the martyrs who were murdered in the criminal attack.