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April 6 Youth Reject Nomination of Faiza Abo-Elnagah for Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The April 6 youth movement has rejected the news that is suggesting Faiza Abo-Elnagah for the ministry of foreign affairs, as the predecessor to current minister, Nabil Alaraby.

Incidentally, April 6 spokesperson, Mohamed Adel stated that Faiza Abo-Elnagah was part of the Mubarak regime by defending his rule in the U.S and working against Egyptian activists in the U.S.

Adel added that Faiza Abo-Elnagah took part in giving bribes out of the Egyptian government’s budget to the Zionist lobby in the U.S and to several American pressure organizations in order to convince the American administration to support Mubarak and to boycott all Egyptian activists in Egypt.

Accordingly, we, the April 6 youth movement, strongly reject the nomination of Faiza Abo-Elnagah for the ministry of foreign affairs and warn of this step, emphasizing that anyone in that position must be someone who represents the revolution.