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April 6Youth Refuse The Proposed Law to Prevent Protests..


[size=medium]April 6 youth Movement, announced that they refuse the proposed law by the Minister of Justice to prevent the demonstrations and protests that lead to suspension of work and which will cause imprisonment for two years and a fine of half a million Egyptian Pounds for those who interrupt traffic or work.

The Movement said that whatever the reasons for the adoption of such a law or decree, it is not acceptable, although there are many ways & tools that can be used to prevent the demonstrations organized by the remnants of Mubarak regime in an attempt to create sedition among the Egyptian people and drop the legitimacy of the revolution and the revolutionary government, as well as contain a lot of personal demands by start talking directly with the workers or employees, in order to start building a real Egyptian renaissance.

Also, this law is a violation of international conventions which is talking about the freedom of opinion expression signed by Egypt.

It has been one of the main reasons for the Egyptian Revolution on 25 January is the Democracy in expressing our needs, and it cannot in any way that we are trying now to prevent these demonstrations, whatever the causes are, no matter who stands behind it, emphasizing that we can stop anti-revolutions easily, by coordinating with all the political & social power to try to solve the social demands by planning to achieve them.

The plan of such incidents that took place cannot be solved with such laws that limit the freedom of citizens to express their opinions in different ways; however it could be handled by fully understanding and facing those who stand behind it, and prevent it to protect Egypt and the citizens.

April 6 Youth Movement
Egyptian Resistance Movement[/size]