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Austria threatens Palestinian journalist for his job


The news agency, Gaza Now, reported that its founder, “Mustafa Ayyash” was harassed by the Austrian security services, after being accused of belonging to the Palestinian Resistance movement “Hamas”.

The agency said in a statement that its director is not affiliated with any party in “Hamas organization” in Palestine, and that the agency is a specialized agency working in the field of covering the news of the Palestine in objectively and credibly way without incitement against any party.

The Austrian authorities investigated journalist Mustafa Ayyash on charges of belonging to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which was denied by the Palestinian journalist, and that he does not belong to any political organization.

At the same time, Ayash denied that “Hamas movement” is a terrorism organization , he asserted that it is a Palestinian movement living in Palestinian reality ,also, the movement and We reject the terrorism anywhere, he added that “Hamas”is an open movement that wants dialogue.” We are a people who love life and freedom, as do others” Ayash said.

“The police were dealing with him in a good way without any abuse ” Ayash said, according to the agency’s statement. He explained to the investigator that he now works for the Gaza News Agency without belonging to any political party and working to bring the image of Palestine to the world.

“We arrived in Austria to live in a democratic country that respect the human rights and gives him its full rights, so we hope that it is the right place we have reached and that we have no obstacle after a year and a half of our presence in this country.”