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Aya Hijazi : Al-Sisi told #Trump that there are no political activists in Egyptian prisons


Aya Hijazi, the founder of the Biladi NGO, which works to protect street children in #Egypt, said that US President Trump was believed that she arrested when Muslim Brotherhood are leading Egypt and not Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

In an interview with PBS News, Aye said that Trump asked her about the time of her arrest and told her, “Was you arrested at the time of the Brotherhood?”  and she replied him with “no,”. which made Trump change his question with the addition of the word “Oh, Al-sisi Told me that …” , “It seems that he has incorrect information about my arrest in egypt.” she said.

Aya, who was released a month ago from Egyptian prisons added in the interview that Trump believes that there are no civilian political activists inside the Egyptian prisons,

she also add that Al-sisi told him “Trump” that all the prisoners in egypt are members of armed terrorist groups, and that all the youth of #25jan revolution have been released.

Mohammed Nabil, political  office member of April 6 youth movement said today that there are more than 10 of April 6 Youth movement in Egyptian prisons, plus that Ahmed Maher and Moahmmed Adel the co-founder of the movement is still under 3 year of penalty of observation daily in police office.

Nabil add also that there are more than 2000 activist is in jail with protest low, include the Blogger Alaa Abd-alfatah and Ahmed Douma, And also more than 20 Journalist in Alsisi prisons as he said.