A Peaceful Resistance to Freedom and Democracy

Deal with the Devil, The leaders of Arab spring revolutions in the jails of Sisi


. The devil Sisi planned for assassinates the Arab Spring that opened the freedom and creativity in the Arab World. The Arab spring which made changes in the Middle East Erea and put the hope in The Arab Youth who want to build their bright future instead of the Rulers of injustice who made the middle east erea as death and distruction place.

The devil Abdel Fattah Al Sisi decided to release the criminals from jails and arrest on the freedom and democracy activists.

The civil activist (Alaa Abdel Fattah) is a prisoner in Torra jail because of a demonstrations against the military trials of civilians in 2013 he sentensed to the prison for 5 years .Alaa also faces another accusation because he called for an independent judicature in 2011.

*Ahmed Duma….

Ahmed Duma is still in the jail ،Despite the end of his imprisonment in the case of the demonstration of the Abdeen court .But the Egyptian system accused Duma that he shared in a protests against the Military Council in 2011 ,so he sentenced to 25 years. Duma is suffer from many diseases in the prison because of the lacke of health care in addition to it is not allowed to him to enter any hospital to keep up his health status.

*Detainees despite their release…!!!

Abdel Fattah Alsisi used the law to face the freedom activists with .Although the founders of The April 6th youth movement Ahmed Maher &Mohamed Adel are now out the prison ,But they are not allwed to be with their families and imprison for 12 hours daily into the police stations.

The system of egypt refused to reduce the hours of the daily monitoring although the law allows . The activists are still trie to managing their daily life normally and backing for the political activity despite of they live half life and despite the Security constraints in Egypt.