A Peaceful Resistance to Freedom and Democracy

The democracy activists in the Egyptian jail, Because of the anti-protest law,that issued by AlSisi

From Tahrir square to Al-sisi Jails


With his malicious face Al Sisi hides his lies and evils ,During his meeting with a number of Us companies and diplomats in New York ,before delivering his speech in the UN General Assembly.

His malicious face hides a thousands of political detainees in the Egyptian prisons,not as he claims that the activists are involved in violent acts , but because they are human rights defenders and democracy activists they spend their youth into the new prisons whick established by Sisi and before him by Alsadat and Mubarak

Many of Human Rights Defenders spend their days and months into the Egyptian jails, In addition to many Egyptian journalists who are acussed because of their journalistic work such as their news coverage and their news reports.The Activists of April 6th youth movement in prisons

The April 6th youth movement is the first youth movement among the Arab Spring movements, it is the basic principle and idea that led the minds of Arab youth, But now the leaders of the movement in the jails of Sisi, because of their rejection of the anti-protest law ، this law which was proved as unconstitutional law by the high constitutional court,inspite of that the anti-protest law is still acted by Sisi ,in order to continues to arrest the activists and take them away from the Egyptian street,in an attempt to prevent the dissemination of cultural and social awareness in Egypt.The April 6th Activists had played a main role in the 25 january revolution ,they were the flame of the youth activity in Egypt, But even so there are more than 10 detainees from the members of the Movement who were arrested because of the anti-protest law. Also there are more than 10 detainees who were arrested because of they organized “solace” for their colleague who was killed by police while he going to work on the day of demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood in Al Nahda Square ,after the deposition of the former president Muhamed Morsi.

Many of activists fled abroad ,among them the movement spoksman (khalid Ismael) .While there are 3 other have imprisoned for 10 years ,such as (Rami Elsayed ) the member of the political office in the Movement and the members (Ahmed Khattab & Abdel Majeed Elsayed) those members were acussed because they organized solace for their colleague who killed by police.

The General coordinator in the prison

With the same charges the police arrested (Amr Ali) they accused him that he calling for a public strike in Egypt in 2015 , he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment .

While still both (Ahmed Maher) the founder of The April 6th Youth Movement and (Mohamed Adel) the director of its information office, under the police monitoring after they spent 3 years in prison Because of a demonstration against military trials of civilians. However Abdel Fattah Al Sisi falsely claims that he has pardoned them.