A Peaceful Resistance to Freedom and Democracy

in Egypt Journalists were arrested because of their work!!!

with alsisi regime


The files in the Egyptian prisons unmasked the false allegations of Sisi every where, this prisons files showed that there are tens of innocent detained journalists in the prisons just because of their journalistic work !!! The prisons of Egypt are full of professional photographers such as (Mohamed Shawkan) who was arrested while he taking a photos in Rabaa sit-in, Mohamed is still under detain from 4 years ago.

The journalist (Hesham Jaafer) in Alakrab jail without caring about his health status at all , although, the family of Hesham had appealed the egyptian authorities to save his life because he may lose his sight into the worest prison in Egypt.

Also, among the detainees the founder of Rasd network for News (Samhi Mustafa) and a number of other journalists like (Mohamed Elshaer) and (Hassan Alkabanny) and also with in addition to hundreds names of journalists we can not count the whole names..