A Peaceful Resistance to Freedom and Democracy

Egyptian citizen tortured to death


Khaled Mohamed Saeed, 28 years old Egyptian citizen , lives in Alexandria, a city in Egypt, he was sitting in the internet cafe late at night when two detectives and one cop ambushed that cafe asking people for their IDs which is totally out of their authority and without any legal permission.

And when Khaled tried to object and and ask about the reason or a warrant for their searching the place the two detectives beat him savagely and took him out of the internet cafe to another building where he was beaten and tortured to death , then they took him and threw his body in the street.
This was the price that Khaled paid for his question.
And this is the price Egyptians pay every single day under the authority of the Emergency law that allows the police in Egypt to kill its citizens without any punishment and gives them the right to use their illegal power
upon our legal rights.

Thus, we appeal to all human rights organizations and all supporters of freedom and all human rights activists and every honourable Egyptian citizen to announce their solidarity with us in facing Mubarak’s oppressive regime.

The names of those who attacked Khaled and killed him with no reason and no crime are:

Detectives: Awad and Mahmoud Al Falah

And investigations officer: Ahmed Osman

From the Department of Sidi Gaber, Alexandria