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Egyptian court sentences man to death for sexual assault of toddler


A Egyptian court in Delta yesterday has sentenced to death a man convicted of sexually assaulting a toddler in a case that sparked public uproar and anger amid calls to impose harsher penalties on offenders in cases of sexual violence cases in Egypt.

The case dates back to March, when 34-year old Ibrahim al-Refaei abducted the 20-month-old child playing in front of her house in the town of Dakahliya, northeast of Cairo, took her to his home and assaulted her.

The child was rescued by family members who learned of her whereabouts from neighbors who saw al-Refaei snatching the toddler.

The Associated Press does not identify minors who may have been victims of sexual assault.

Reda al-Danbouki, the child’s lawyer, says the verdict isn’t final and can be appealed.