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Egypt’s Constitutional Court temporarily suspends all judgments of Tiran and Sanafir


Egypt’s Constitutional Court has ordered the suspension of all judgments issued on the border demarcation agreement with Saudi Arabia, in order to verify its compatibility with the constitution.

The ruling came a week after the Egyptian parliament approved the controversial agreement،Cairo is due to hand over the islands of Tiran and Sanafir in the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia.

Abdel Wahab Abdel Razek, the president of the Supreme Constitutional Court, issued a temporary order to suspend the execution of the administrative court’s ruling on the nullification of the maritime boundary demarcation agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, And the judgment issued by the Appeals Chamber of the Supreme Administrative Court.

A statement issued by the court said that its president also issued a temporary injunction similar to the urgent ruling issued by the Cairo Court in favor of the ruling of the appeal Court to suspend the implementation of the ruling of the Administrative Court in the Council of State on invalidating of the agreement .

The Constitutional Court explained that this interim order issued by its president came until the court decided to contest the judicial decisions.

The statement added that the order to suspend execution was carried on the report of the Commission of Commissioners of the Constitutional Court,” the availability of seriousness and urgency in the urgent request to suspend implementation”.

According to the statement, “the report revealed the availability of urgency, the competence of the approval and ratification authorities of the agreement to exercise its constitutional function ,monitor and evaluate the work and procedures of the conclusion and the subject of the agreement, as defined by Article 151 of the Constitution, is an aggression against the sole jurisdiction of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has yet to ratify the deal.

Omar Marwan, the minister of parliament affairs, said last week that the border agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia would come into force once the president signed it.