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Extensive human rights condemnations of mass executions

Extensive human rights condemnations of mass executions

An Egyptian criminal #court decided on Saturday (June 17th, 2017) to refer 31 defendants to the Mufti to take the legal opinion in their execution on the case of the assassination of Attorney General Hisham Barakat.

Earlier The Egyptian Court of Cassation on Wednesday, the 7th of June 2017, sentenced the death of the six accused, who was tried on charges of killing a police Sergeant from the forces charged with securing the house of Judge Hussein Kandil, a member of the trial of former President Mohamed Morsi in “Al Etehadyah” case.

Human Rights Watch said that the execution of some of the recent mass executions in the Arab Republic of Egypt would “harm the reputation of Egypt,” pointing out that most of these crimes are fabricated.

He added in a television interview broadcast by Al Jazeera in May 2015 that the issuance of “mass death sentences is a regrettable reflection of the Egyptian judicial system in the era of Sisi,” stressing that the Egyptian judiciary has suffered “a setback in the era of Abdel Fattah #Sisi.”

He described the accusations against the opposition in #Egypt as “scandalous” and was surprised by the lack of evidence and the adoption of the provisions on “investigations of some officers,” considering that this approach adopted by the Egyptian judiciary “funny and ridiculous.”