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police officers beating Ahmed Maher, founder of April 6 movement in police station in cairo

Ahmed Maher, co Founder of April 6 Youth Movement

The 6 April Youth Movement said today revealing that members of the third District Police Department assaulted our colleague Ahmed Maher physically and verbally last night (Wednesday) inside the police station.

Khaled Ismail, the media spokesperson for the 6 April Youth Movement, made a statement that both Mohammed Abd El Azim, a police officer in the third District police station, and a policeman named “Fathy” physically and verbally assaulted Ahmed Maher last night at the police station.

Ismail explained that the third District Police Department has kept Ahmed Maher in detention since last Tuesday for being half an hour late for his surveillance period due to his mother falling ill just before Iftar time. The legal documents accusing Ahmed of evasion of his surveillance period had already been prepared upon his arrival.
Ismail added that the aforementioned members of the police force assaulted Ahmed physically and verbally when he entered the deportation vehicle, and they refused to unlock the handcuffs upon boarding the vehicle as per the relevant legal regulations. He was deported with about 50 other convicts facing criminal charges in a vehicle with a maximum capacity of 12 people, and they were all handcuffed without any measures taken to protect them from collision or to provide ventilation. The police also refused to switch on the air ventilators despite the heat and despite the fasting month.

Ismail also explained that the Al Galaa prosecution had authorized Ahmed Maher’s release while charging him with tardiness in reporting for his surveillance period. In spite of the fact that the decision to release him had been made at noon, the police department proceeded to hinder his release until it was time for his next surveillance period in order to deny him the opportunity to break his fast at home with his family.

To provide context, movement leaders Ahmed Maher and Mohammed Adel are both serving a 3-year sentence mandating that they report for a daily surveillance period since their recent release from prison for charges of violating the unconstitutional protest law. The Ministry of Interior is implementing this sentence in violation with rules and regulations stipulated in the law, since it mandates Maher and Adel to report for surveillance from 6pm to 6am in spite of the law governing the surveillance sentence which states that the convict must remain in their place of residence provided that they have a permanent place of residence.