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Protest in Mohamed Shawki’s 26th birthday


Mohammed Shawki, activist in April 6 Youth Movement will be spending his birthday behind the bars in this cold winter away from his family for the first time.

Mohamed Shawki ,is a victim of fraud, torture, and the emergency law we’re suffering from in Egypt.

Any Egyptian now can be a victim like Mohamed Shawki at any moment and find himself behind the bars for false charges that he didn’t commit.

The police had arrested Mohamed Shawki during the past run-off parliamentary elections , in Cairo, while filming the violence and bullying, which was ignited by the supporters of two candidates of the ruling National Party!

All the duties that were supposed to be carried out by the Egyptian police were ignored and violated ,and protected by the thugs and outlaws of the ruling National Democratic Party!
Furthermore,the police arrested dozens of innocent people, many of whom did not have any relation with the elections, and some of them tried to film the excesses of the security to expose it and display it to the public , among them was Mohamed Shawki, a member of April 6 youth movement.

We want the whole world to know that Mohamed Shawki is not alone
We are all with him
Mohammed Shawki’s spending his birthday in a dirty cold prison instead of spending it
with his family and his little child.

We decided to spend Mohamed’s birthday together on Wednesday 15/12 at 6 PM in front of the Press Syndicate

April 6 youth movement appeals to all activists and movements and civil society organizations, and all human rights organizations to join us for the solidarity with Mohamed Shawki….