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SSI arrested activist brother as a hostage and security try to track activists in Sinai


The SSI in Abu zaabal has arrested ” Ibrahim Abdulsalam” ,the brother of the activis “Mousaab Abdulsalam ” on Monday’s afternoon, They have taken the detained brother as a hostage until the activist handover himself to the SSI headquarter in Abuzabal in Qalubeya.The action of arrest has taken place on the background of collecting signatures from Egyptian citizens on the Statement of change.

An officer called “Adham” threatens Musab to arrest his sister, and take her as a hostage until Musab surrender.

Musab refuses to surrender or to respond to State Security Investigations forces’ demands, as these demands are illegal, even this department “SSI” is illegal itself!

At the same time SSI launched a fierce security crackdown in Sinai to track April 6 youth movement activists in Al Areesh, and in Northen Sinai as well after prevalence of “Down with Hosny Mubarack” slogans on the walls of the entire city there.

The security forces violations against activists of April 6 Youth movement has evolved since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, SSI forces detained nearly 20 activists from April 6 Youth from Cairo and several provinces, then released on the same day this was because of distributing calendars of Ramadan “the holy month” congratulations, because of collecting signatures to a statement of change as well!

The security violations against the April 6 youth activists has been increased since the beginning of the holy month of “Ramadan”, as the SSI has detained around 2o activist from Cairo and some other provinces and released them at the same day after distributing calendars “Imsakeya “congratulate the holy month of Ramadan, as well as to collect signatures on a statement change.