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Twitter suspend the Egyptian Human Rights Defenders accounts .

Twitter suspend Wael abbas account

Last week Twitter targets Egyptian activist “Wael Abbas” and closed his account with no reason, after some tweets against former president son “Alaa Mubarak”.

Wael Abbas is an Egyptian blogger who has been a pioneer in utilizing blogs for citizen journalism since 2004, won international awards for that, he has been covering activism news in Egypt on twitter since 2007, one of the very first subscribers to the service, his account covered revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Iran and many other places, he has been active against torture, he was the first to expose Egyptian police brutality and was the first to take it to court, he has always been against hate speech, contrary he was always target for bullies and death threats, he had over 350 thousand followers including International figures and UN organizations, his archive is very important for researchers whether in history or politics or human rights, he documented and posted thousands of photos, videos and live streams of political activism in Egypt not only during the revolution but for the last ten years.

This transformation in Twitter’s policies would make us worry about the future policies that twitter may apply, especially after the famous scandal and how Russian authorities use Twitter in promoting false propaganda about the American elections

Wael’s twitter account helped save lives, reported injuries, warned against raids, campaigned for detainees, raised funds, offered tactical help not only to Egyptians but to activists all over the world.

his account has been followed by Amnesty International, UNICEF, UN Human Rights, HRW, FIDH, CPJ, all of whom will never tolerate hate speech.